Cru Conference: A New Harvest Force

Cru Conference: A New Harvest Force
CRU Conference: A New Mission Force
Saturday, 5 October 2019, 10am - 4pm,
Faith Methodist Church Koinonia Rooms (Level 4)

View the event brochure here.
New Mission Force For The Harvest Field is a conference by Cru Singapore for Global Professionals.
Global Professionals are people who live outside their home country because of work commitments, and whose marketplace ministry could change the manpower outlook of world missions! If you are a Global Professional, are considering taking up a position overseas, or are interested to find out more, join us to learn:
- What does God have to do with your career move?
- What challenges will you and your family face overseas?
- Is being a Global Professional the same as being a tentmaker?
Sign up to learn more about this exciting new mission force at! Registration is now open till 16 September and costs $20/pax.