Serve in our Sunday Service Ministries!

Serve in our Sunday Service Ministries!
Our new 9am Celebration Service will launch after Resurrection Sunday, and we will then have a total of 6 Services: 1 Traditional, 3 Contemporary, 1 Mandarin and 1 Youth. As such, we are looking for more volunteers to serve on Sundays and be a blessing to our Faith church family!
If you are skilled in certain gifts, or are passionate about ministries related to our Sunday Services, we encourage you to sign up today and contribute to making our Sundays meaningful for all!
These are the Sunday Service Ministries urgently looking for volunteers. You can serve in more than one Ministry!
Attic Library (Contact:
  • Librarian (1 Sunday/mth)
Children Ministry (Contact:
  • Teacher/Discipler of SUN JAM Small Groups (2 Sundays/mth)
  • Worship Leader (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Musician (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Registration Admin Support (2 Sundays/mth)
  • IT/AV/Sound Crew Member (1 Sunday/mth)
Hospitality (Contact:
  • Greeter (1 Sunday/mth)
Mandarin Ministry (Contact:
  • Musician (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Sound/Logistics Crew (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Usher/Greeter (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Mandarin Translator (As required)
Operations (Contact:
  • Information Counter Assistant (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Traffic Marshall (1 Sunday/mth at 10.30am Service)
Worship & Music (Contact:
  • Sound Crew (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Band Member (1 Sunday/mth + 2-3 hrs practice)
  • Backup Singer (1 Sunday/mth + 2-3 hrs practice)
  • Worship Leader (1 Sunday/mth + 2-3 hrs practice)
  • Projectionist (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Usher (1 Sunday/mth)
  • Choir Member (2 Sundays/mth + 2 hrs wkly practice)
CLICK HERE to sign up as a volunteer for any of these Ministries! You will subsequently be contacted by someone from the Ministry for follow-up.
For more ministry opportunities at Faith, please visit this page or email the Ministry contact.