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Wedding Checklist & Form Download

Please READ and check the Registration Guidelines before downloading and completing the Holy Matrimony Registration form. 


Read through the "Policies on Use of Church Facilities" from Joint Management Committee.

The completed Registration Form should be submitted to Faith Methodist Church Office Wedding Admin at least six (6) months before the desired wedding date.

  Weddings will be conducted in the Sanctuary and only on Saturdays unless it is a Public Holiday. The requested dates are subjected to the approval of the Pastor-in-Charge.
  For Blessing Ceremony, please submit a photocopy of the ROM Certificate or indicate the date of ROM on the Registration Form.
  Members from other Methodist Churches must attach a letter from your church pastor to confirm your membership as well as to request for use of the premises to officiate your wedding.
  The Church Office will call you upon receiving your form. If you do not hear from us within two (2) weeks from the date of your submission, please call the Church Office Wedding Admin at Tel: 6471 9420.
  Your assigned Officiating Pastor will contact you for at least two meetings before the Wedding Date.
  The wedding rehearsal is to be held within the week prior to the Wedding when the organist, AV crew and the Operations Manager are present.
  The Church does not provide computer or notebook for presentations, candle stands for lighting of Unity Candles and any other props. You are strongly advised to bring the required items for the Rehearsal and on the day of the Wedding.
  A Coordinator should be appointed to help the couple regarding all wedding arrangements at the Church. On the Wedding day he/she should be present at least one (1) hour before wedding.
  The Operations Manager will set up a meeting with the couple and/or the Wedding Coordinator to discuss logistics and procedures for the Wedding Day.

Aside from the use of Sanctuary, Roof Terrace and Carpark at Level 3, request of use of other rooms is subject to availability.


Rental rates are applicable to help offset costs of using the selected facilities in Section E. For the applicable amounts and deposit, please refer to the attached “Policies on Use of Church Facilities” from Joint Management Committee, point 11. The rates for other rooms are indicated in the Joint Management Committee’s policies on Use of Church Facilities

Full payment must be received at least one (1) month prior to the Wedding. Please make cheques payable to Faith Methodist Church”.
The Refundable Deposit will be refunded within four (4) weeks from date of Wedding. Any additional costs incurred will be recovered from this deposit and the balance amount will be refunded.

We have read and fully understand the above guidelines and the Joint Management Committee’s regulations governing the use of the facilities for our Wedding.