About Us

Our Small Groups

Faith is a church of small groups! Small groups are not just one of the many ministries at Faith. Small groups are not merely a fun, food and fellowship activity. Small groups are not a “good-to-have”; they are a “must-have”.

At Faith, we believe that a community of biblically-functioning small groups is the best way to transform lives and change the world. Small groups are central to the life of the church, following the example of Jesus and the early church in Acts 2, as well as Methodism founder John Wesley.

Life change occurs best in small groups where there is care, encouragement and accountability. In a church with some 2,000 worshippers weekly, the best way for pastoral care and authentic relationships to happen is in the small group where everyone can be known by name and cared for on a personal basis.

Hence, we believe in unleashing the power of small groups by making small groups the basic building block and heartbeat at Faith. The small group is the place where people love God, love people and it is in small groups that people are cared for and built up.

To be a part of Faith, be in a small group! To connect with a small group, please sign up here. To find out more about our small groups, click here.