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Baptism/Membership Registration Form (For adults 16 years & above)

If you are above 16 years old and desire baptism and/or membership in Faith Methodist Church, you may enroll for the Membership Conference. You may fill up the form below and a pastoral staff will contact you shortly. For more information, please visit our FAQ before completing the form.

Before you proceed to complete the form, kindly ensure that you have the following:

  • A passport-sized digital photo of yourself (frontal shot)
  • A one-page testimony of how you came to know the Lord (in Word/ PDF formats)
  • The completed Small Group Leaders’ Sponsorship Form (in Word/ PDF formats), if you are applying for Membership.
All Fields are compulsory.
Please enter ‘NA’ for fields which are Not Applicable.

Please kindly upload your passport sized photo

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Upload a one-paged testimony on how you became a Christian or how you encountered Jesus Christ
Small Group Leaders’ Sponsorship Form: Download the Small Group Leaders' Sponsorship Form here.

Baptism by Sprinkling Only Baptism by Immersion Only
Baptism by Sprinkling and Membership Baptism by Immersion and Membership
Confirmation and/or Membership Transfer of Membership from other Methodist Church
Transfer of Membership from other non- Methodist Church
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If you are seeking Confirmation and Membership, or Transfer of Membership, kindly provide details of your baptism and/or current membership:
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I/We acknowledge that the Church is collecting my/our personal data in this form/registration. I/We hereby consent to the Church collecting, using or disclosing my/our personal data for the purposes of maintaining and updating the Church's records. I/We also consent to the Church contacting me/us by telephone or sending phone or email messages to me/us in relation to this registration. I/We understand that the details of the Data Protection Policy can be found at