Job Opportunities

Full-time Ministry

If you sense God calling you into full-time ministry, take a look at the opportunities to serve and consider joining the vibrant ministry of Faith Methodist Church to transform lives and change the world!

Job Responsibilities:
    Establish a relationship of trust and respect with clients, and create an environment to talk about issues, concerns and challenges they face
    Listen and help clients toward a deeper understanding of their issues to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward
    Refer clients to external social and government agencies, or Ministry Overseer for spiritual care and follow up where necessary
    Attend to enquiries through telephone calls/emails and referrals from friends
    Manage calendar appointments for clients, which is inclusive of an evaluation
    Meet with an external supervisor on a monthly basis to update on case management and for accountability purposes
    Write case notes after counselling and maintain good filing system for easy retrieval of records for reference
    Provide counselling services to staff as needed

Job Requirements:
    Degree or certification in counselling
    At least 2 years' relevant experience
    Good command of written and spoken English


Job Responsibilities:
    Assist in managing the overall support, engagement and care of the Mission Workers and make visits to locations where mission workers are based
    Plan, coordinate and provide support for Missions-related programs and trips
    Assist in the mobilization of Small Groups and church members, to fulfill their roles in the church's missions endeavors
    Plan, coordinate and provide support for training modules on missions awareness and missions membercare for church members
    Assist in pastoral care ministries as directed, which may include homebound visits, home/office blessings/cleansings, hospitalization visits, bereavement help in wakes or funerals etc
    Perform other assigned corporate duties

Job Requirements:
    Called to serve in in the Missions ministry
    General Diploma or Degree
    At least 2 – 3 years’ experience of serving in a church missions ministry
    Good organisational and administrative skills
    Has a pastoral heart, teachable spirit, good teamwork and interpersonal skills
    Willing to work during weekends



You will be responsible for outreach and social concerns activities that enable Faith Methodist Church to connect with communities around her. This also includes creating and sustaining outreach opportunities, and volunteer management.

Job Responsibilities:

    Assist to review current needs, resources and challenges with the Outreach & Social Concerns committee
•    Coordinate the Small Group network and volunteers for community outreach
•    Maintain liaison with the local church, its members and established social concerns agencies within the community
•    Maintain proper system for Outreach & Social Concerns ministry reports and correspondences
•    Coordinate with FaithActs on administration work for monthly financial relief fund
•    Coordinate with Partners from the food center on reimbursement of free meal coupons from FaithActs
    Attend Ministry meetings on bimonthly basis, as well as budget meetings

Adopt-A-Block (AAB) Outreach
    Responsible for marketing, sourcing of gifts, and communicating with Small Groups
•    Strengthen existing strategy for reaching out to the community by deepening relationships between Small Groups and residents
•    Identify new outreach opportunities and partner with Ministry
•    Oversee AAB outreach and connect Small Groups to families in need
•    Establish and maintain a system to gather feedback and updates from Small Groups on their outreach to the residents of their adopted block(s)
•    Brief new volunteers on the purpose and outreach strategy of AAB

Other Activities
    Coordinate other outreach activities involving ministries such as Turning Point, Schools Outreach, GOLD and Adopt-A-Family
•    Assist with pastoral care as directed, which may include homebound visits, home/office blessings/cleansings, hospital visits, bereavement help with wakes or funerals etc
•    To assist and support arrangements with medical services partners, and coordinate other outreach activities within and outside church premises
•    Perform other corporate duties as assigned

Job Requirements:
•    Called to serve in the Outreach & Social Concerns ministry
•    General Diploma or Degree
•    At least 2-3 years’ relevant experience
•    Good organisational and administrative skills
•    Has a pastoral heart, is teachable, has good teamwork and interpersonal skills
•    Willing to work on weekends

Please apply with your detailed resume to All applications are kept in strict confidence. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.